Friday, February 22, 2008

Textile Networking

The textile industry is primarily based out of 11 countries. Its base is in Germany where it was founded. This is basically a system which brings working people in the same industry together and lets them be connected to each other while they provide the government with proper feedback on the work that is being done and that has already taken place. It also gives a chance to different people to show their skills in an innovative manner and display their creativity. This brings out the cultural heritage of a region or country and lets its people work on what they have inherited from their ancestors.

The textile networking arena is growing by the day. Many people are joining in and helping the world by increasing its production along with earning a healthy living by it. In the year 2003, a group of people consisting of lecturers in the field of textiles, ACESW officers of craft, curators and practitioners from the textile industry commenced the expansion of the Textile Forum South West (TFSW), with a mutually held vision of progressing towards joint efforts. This initiative included the lecturers taking a step away from their normal line of work and into a wider capacity. They were asked to help and embrace a wider range of textile spectators.
This was not just it. They were successful in engaging the new audience in a debate full of critique along with conversations and practical steps, all related to textile networking. The TFSW was created to endorse and expand the level of textile networking to a higher level. The better the teamwork, the better the networking became. People were encouraged to work with others around them in the same region as well as come up with new ideas to implement in the society and textile industry for a new wave. as well as a little refreshing phase for the industry and textile networking.

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