Friday, February 22, 2008

Fashion Industry Booming

If more & more people are being inclined to fashion-related jobs or careers you can simply and safely call it the ‘fashion explosion’ that has been reserved for the 2000 millennium. Witness the overall global features pertaining to the fashion industry soon after the Globalization; it’s just mind-boggling! And, turn your vision this side of the globe, Asia and the Pacific, where fashion is getting redefined in a more holistic way!

That’s the global fashion industry of today for you. The overall interest in the fashion industry is on the rise, no doubt and equally boisterous are the opportunities & and competition together. These days it has been made relatively easier to earn a degree in fashion design, merchandising, or fashion marketing. Each of these segments focuses on different aspects of the fashion industry.

As the fashion industry evolves in its own fashion, today we see an urgent need for sophisticated & educated staff that is specialized in the various segments of the fashion world. Those armed with appropriate fashion degrees plus a little more higher education will find for themselves savvy marketing positions in this very competitive industry. The three main opportunities with a fashion degree are fashion design, fashion marketing and fashion merchandising.

Becoming a fashion designer is a dream for many people. But only those with artistic ability and serious determination can succeed in this competitive industry. A fashion designer has an eye for lines, textures and color and brings their vision to life through drafting. Once a final sketch is complete, the designer must choose materials to be used in the final product. After the fabric is chosen, a pattern is cut from the fabric and sewn together.

Fashion Marketing involves the advertising, design and business side of the fashion business. A fashion marketer has to have a comprehensive knowledge of the fashion industry to be able to identify what will be stylish and appealing to their target markets. They are responsible for recognizing and tracking upcoming trends as well as being familiar with the various consumer groups. Fashion marketing connects the designers to the public by tracking consumer-buying habits. The fashion marketer then comes up with advertising campaigns to target specific groups that might be interested in the products.

Fashion Merchandising and marketing work hand in hand. Fashion merchandisers are responsible for buying the clothes and presenting them to stores. One of the largest parts of fashion merchandising is creating displays to help consumers want to buy the products. Fashion marketing is basically the selecting of clothing lines and choosing how the will be presented to the market.

You should consider a career in the fashion industry if any of the above fields are appealing to you. Fashion is a career that combines business aptitude and an artistic eye. When you have a degree in fashion, you will make more money and hold higher positions than those without formal training.

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