Friday, February 22, 2008

Quick Notes for fashion conscious

So, you decide to get to the fashion industry because you think you are very fashion-conscious by nature. If you want to avoid getting labeled as a social gaffe among your peers at a social party you think you should attend.

Welcome to the fashion industry where only fashion-conscious buffs are invited & honored. Remember, here the rule is stick to what is in vogue as far as fashion is concerned; because fashion keeps on changing. Another point is that the pace of change is very fast today.

Haute couture changes every spring and fall and, perhaps, even in between. Like the ‘Top of the Pops’ chart doesn’t mean your favorite number is bound to remain on top for long, it is very easy to make a mistake – like attending a social event wearing bold orange when the color of the season is, in fact, pastel yellow.

Decades ago fashion trends used to get filtered down only by word of mouth. People would talk about for hours & days together the subject of trend-setters itself and actually start emulating them a little later. However the process of emulation had been very slow that, by the time, the public at large began to adapt, the trends already went out of fashion!

Today the situation is totally different in which fashion trends are set not by the social elite but by the purveyors of fashion news. Fashion houses preview their fall collection in the middle of summer so that everyone knows what will be in fashion in the fall. Marketing campaigns decide which perfume women will soon be wearing.

Fashion trends are not guarded secretively any more like before. Today the trend has changed; fashion being a big business the more people that become aware of ‘what is what’ in fashion, the greater will be the sales of fashion goods. Therefore, it is in the interest of producers of fashion goods and services that they announce their plans louder and clearer.

There are scores of fashion magazines on each & every aspect of the industry. All of them are doing rip-roaring business. There are web sites by the dozens that are updated regularly informing the surfers of what is in and what is out. Hence, if you are fashion conscious, staying abreast of the fashion trends is all the more easy; just with a little effort you can do that!

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